His Person
Doctrine of Christ

Few would deny that He existed. Historical records abound regarding His life. However, the facts about His Person are being greatly distorted today. The news media, television, the movies, all are presenting a view that is foreign to what the Bible teaches.

There are some who boldly say Jesus Christ never existed, that He was a fictitious character. Others declare He did exist, but was a different person then revealed in Scripture. Some say Jesus had two wives, Mary and Martha, had children and so on. Some cults declare he did not bodily rise from the grave, just His spirit. Others declare he was never really crucified.

It is this author's purpose to 'set the record straight'. Jesus was never married and He never had children.

Jesus' last name is not 'Christ'. Christ is His title. It's really 'Jesus the Christ'. The 'the' is implied.

Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. He did not have an earthly father. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Incarnate Christ, nine months later. This has never happened again, at any time or any place on earth.

Jesus Christ was fully God, fully Man. Let's discuss the Doctrines regarding His person. Click the link below.
The Doctrine of the Person of Jesus Christ is the bedrock of who He was and what He taught, of what we believe to be Truth. He was not an ordinary man. He was 'one of kind'. There has never been nor will there ever be another like Him.
Only the truth!