I’ve heard that when one is learning how to spot counterfeit money, he studies the real currency. With that knowledge, a counterfeit bill will stand out on its own, easily recognized.

Everywhere I look, I find people who have been given a ‘counterfeit’ when it comes to what they believe in regard to the most important questions in life. Who is God? What can I do to please God? How can I be reconciled to Him? When I die, where will I go? The answers to these questions have eternal ramifications

Humans are ‘religious’ by nature. We have an innate sense that there is a ‘higher being’ to whom we must be accountable. And, to that extent it is true. However, the perceived ‘higher power’ to which one chooses has eternal consequences, and is often a counterfeit.

It is my hope that upon viewing the information in this site, you will come to the conclusion that you too may have been given ‘a counterfeit.’ That what you .

have been taught has in reality diverted your attention and loyalties away from the Truth. Browse the material with an open mind, and an open heart. In so doing, you too may find that ‘Pearl of Great Price.’ You too may find that true and only salvation, which leads to eternal life.

All Truth discussed in this work is based on the Bible, God’s Holy Word. It is this author’s conviction that the Bible is God’s only full and complete revelation to mankind for all time. No other source is considered having any authority or containing any of God’s revelation. They reflect the mind of man and not the mind of God.

Director, Orr Ministries
Only the truth!